Daily Maintanence

Opening: (10 Minutes)
· Check Machine Internal Temperature  (Should be 14° - 18° F)
· Assemble Clean Spigot Assemblies
· Place New (Cleaned, Sanitized, and Lubricated)  Spigot Assembly in Cylinder
· Put Machine in Operating Mode
· Draw Sample from Each Cylinder – (Test and Taste)
· Make Changes to LED Product Offering Message

Closing: (5 Minutes)
· Wash and Rinse Drip Tray
· Clean and Sanitize Spigot Assemblies

Product Change 

​1. Remove Empty Bag.  
2. Spray Lubricant in Cylinder as Previously Instructed.
3. Wipe Clean New Product Bag. Remove Frost and Ice if any. Pat Dry.
4. Hold and Cradle Product Bag
5. Remove Product Cap. Place Cap Outside Machine. Discard in Waste Receptacle.
6. While Cradling Bag, Fold Edges Over.
7. Place Bag in Cylinder, Check or Fold Edges Again.
8. Drop Top Cap Down. Lift and Lock Locking Handle to Farthest Position.
9. Snap End cap on Spigot Body Orifice.
10. Pull Handles – Test and Taste.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

1. Remove any remaining product from cylinders (If there is still product remaining in the bag, place it in the rear storage compartment of the machine )

2. Remove the cylinders from the machine (disconnect the wires)

3. Remove the domes and wiper rings.

4. Clean bottom tray with  spray cleaner (Stera-Sheen) and warm towel

5. Wipe down inside door panel and door jam with warm moistened towel and mild detergent

6. Take domes, wiper rings and lids and wash in the sink with sanitizer and after rinsing leave to air dry.

7. Wipe cylinders out with a dry cloth.

8. Lubricate cylinders generously with spray lubricant.

9. Reassemble cylinders with wiper rings, dome’s and lids.

10. Using the tube lube, lubricate the bottom plug of each cylinder

11. Place cylinders back in the machine wires reattached.

12. Reload machine with product and clean spigot assemblies.



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