·All of our products are proudly
produced at our dairy by American farmers
·Pre-made product allows for
unparalleled consistency in taste and texture while cutting down labor cost; no mixing no mess

·High butterfat and low overrun
allows for the rich and creamy taste our customers have come to expect from Meyer Ice Cream™ 
·Our ice cream and yogurts have
“inclusions” bits of real fruit and toppings mixed directly into the product
·The Meyer Ice Cream™ machine and its components are proudly made in America by American workers ·Dispenses 3 flavors of ice cream and yogurt simultaneously · Runs off a standard 110v outlet · The Meyer Ice Cream™ machine is completely self-contained and requires no water or drain hook up. · Fits through a standard door for easy mobility throughout your facility

· Meyer Ice Cream™ utilitzes a “bag in the box” concept to provide the easiest, safest, and most convenient soft-serve on the market · No contact between the machine and the product provides the most sterile process available. · Eliminates the risk of bacteria and contamination associated with traditional mix machines · “Bag in the box” concept allows for quick flavor change and refill · Drastically lowers labor costs associated with cleaning and maintenance · Reduces both product waste and energy consumption





Ice cream has become the quintessential American treat.  It’s our reward for a promotion, passing the test, or winning the big game; it’s our comforting friend in our time of need; and our reward for a job well done.  No matter the occasion, America looks forward to the moment the rich, delicious ice cream hits our lips.

Meyer Ice Cream™ is dedicated to spreading this moment across the country. Your customers will instantly recognize the creamy homemade taste of our premium ice creams and yogurts and become fans for life.  Likewise, you will instantly recognize how convenient, safe, and cost effective the Meyer Ice Cream™ machine is to operate.  The Meyer Ice Cream™ machine utilizes a “bag in the box” process to deliver the best, safest, and most consistent soft-serve ice cream and yogurts to your facility.  We ask you review the benefits of our process and machine and discover why the Meyer Ice Cream™ machine is perfect for you.